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Ana Kei

We always name Fashion; as working in a fashion field, I create my artwork into a fashionable form. It is a string, a breath, a hole, a lady or just a way to live. I name fashion as a sense of delusion beauty in my collection.

From a viewpoint of my nomadic life, traveling and in search of the unknown and unidentified, my works always show the experiences that I have had through my life including my homes and my roots. ‘Un:attached’ is the major body of works that I started from 2009.

Within a concept of straining in between the nomadic experience of my life and the solid collective character from my Chinese cultural background, my work is informing stories from a personal perspective into culture impact. There are always two sides of energies in each piece of work and they are all related to this ‘fashionable’ Chinese culture: transparent and covered, sober and impractical, aggressive and lethargic, visible and integrate, right and wrong, yes and no. They always give confusing and unidentified ideas to the audience and myself.

With the big interesting in garments and human-body, they are always used in my works as mediums. From researching video to collages, from wearable garments to fashion collections, from material researching to installations, from conducting very theoretical investigations of pieces into a full body of near commercial fashion products, my work has various approaches and audiences but they are always related to the concept of competitive aspects I mentioned before. ‘Fashion’, as one of the most acceptable medium, gives my works an easier path to reach the viewers. And this brings my constructional concept into approachable objects too.

The concept of making clothes to sell in the stores is not ‘fashionable’ anymore. Taking over the boundary between art and fashion, giving another layer of concept into daily objects and pushing my cultural background into another stage of works as garments or fashion items. The idea of merging and inventing mediums and materials from a unique perspective becomes a major aspiration of my future creation.

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